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Philip Silbaugh[1]

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Birth  1788  Harnedsville Somerset PA 
Sex  Male 
Died  2 Jul 1864  Vernon Co WI 
Buried  Town of Viroqua Vernon Co WI 
Person ID  I0538  T1 
Last Modified  17 Apr 2011 
Father  Conrad Silbaugh, b. ABT. 1740, Germany 
Mother  Mary, b. BEF. 1755 
Group Sheet  F0834  T1 
Family 1  Jane Tissue, b. 1787, Turkey Foot Twp Somerset PA 
Married  1809 
 1. Elizabeth Silbaugh
 2. Rhoda Silbaugh, b. 15 Jan 1811
 3. William Silbaugh, b. 1813, Fayette Co PA
 4. Isaac Frank Silbaugh, b. 29 Oct 1816, Fayette Co PA
 5. Edward Silbaugh, b. 2 Jun 1822, Fayette Co PA
 6. Sebastian Silbaugh, b. 1826, Fayette Co PA
 7. Jacob Silbaugh, b. 15 May 1830, Fayette Co PA
 8. Hulda Silbaugh, b. ABT. 1833, Perry Co OH
Group Sheet  F0165  T1 
Family 2  Jane Tissue, b. 1791, Turkeyfoot Twp, Somerset Co, PA 
Married  1809  Somerset Co, PA  [2
 1. Elizabeth Silbaugh, b. ABT. 1819, Somerset Co, Pennsylvania
 2. Huldah Silbaugh, b. May 1833, Fayette Co.
Group Sheet  F0849  T1 

  • Moved to Perry Co Ohio about 1835 and to Vernon county in 1853.
    18 40 Census: Monroe twp Perry Co OH shows Philip Silbaugh living

    BIOGRAPHY: It would appear that Philip and Jane moved west from Somerset Co. to Fayette Co. PA, sometime before 1810, where they resided for over twenty years before deciding to make a major move into south central Ohio.
    A common mode of transportation for many of the Pennsylvanians who were bound for southeastern Ohio was a river raft sometimes called "broad horns" or just an "ark", a large craft with a great steering oar at the rear, intended only for drifting downstream.
    The journey usually began at Pittsburg and when the destination was reached the vessel was dismantled and the logs reused for other purposes. From there, the new arrivals scattered throughout nearby Perry, Athens, Morgan, Hocking and Washington counties, where they built their log cabins, began farming, and proceeded to raise their families. It has been said that at the height of the migration, thousands of these rafts floated by Marietta each day
    (It has been stated by Josie Churchill that the Silbaugh family crossed the Ohio River by ferry at the city of Marietta, but I suspect that this was not a literal crossing.)
    Philip and Jane made that trek, probably in 1835, with their 8 young children. The 1850 census survey shows that they settled in Straightsville, Perry County, between the Muskingum and the Hocking Rivers, a rugged country of large hills, dense forests and vast deposits of coal. The town was laid out in 1835, the very year they arrived.
    Why they chose this town we'll never know, but we do know that Straightsville was also settled by other of her Rush relatives from Somerset County. Most likely Jane was now still with cousins that she had known since childhood.
    Today this area is within the Wayne National Forest, but from the earliest days this area was the center of the region's coal mining industry, becoming the birthplace of the United Mine workers of America. Straightsville's second claim to fame was it's moonshine, still celebrated by an annual Moonshine Festival. In fact, the "old house" that numerous Rush families called home for generations, was where moonshine was made during prohibition.
    The original town is Straightsville. A larger, newer community just down the road is presently New Straightsville, but to the locals it's still just "Straightsville." The present access to old Straightsville is a small, narrow road resembling more someone's driveway than a highway between towns. It climbs until arriving at the crest of a large hill with a commanding view. Even at its largest, there was only a post office, a store or two, a tavern and a few homes, with a population of never more than a hundred inhabitants. Only a few old buildings and mobile homes reside on that hilltop today.
    After a period of little more than fifteen years, time for the youngsters to grow to adulthood and find spouses, the entire family moved again to Vernon Co, Wisconsin, around the year 1850.
    Asbury Ridge was chosen for the site for their new home, and it was on this ridge that numerous Silbaugh children and grandchildren grew to adulthood. So many descendants are buried in the Asbury Ridge Cemetery that it has been labeled the "Silbaugh home cemetery."
    (The original church is long gone, and nobody has been buried there for decades. The township, however, still keeps the cemetery in excellent condition. Many of the stones have been vandalized, but the township has reset them all in concrete. Philip and Jane's stone appears to be among the oldest. The quality of stone is poor and the inscription is badly eroded, but their names can still be seen. The cemetery is on North Asbury Road, east of State Rt. 14 and south of the Seas Branch (Avalanche) Road, between Westby and Viroqua.)

    BURIAL: Asbury Ridge Cem

    !BIRTH: Ancestor chart of Isaac Silbaugh from SM

    !DEATH: Ancestor chart of Isaac Silbaugh from SM

    !MARRIAGE: Family Group Sheet for William Tissue and Huldah Rush from NA
    Power of Attorney of Silbaugh heirs, grandchildren of William Tissue, 8 June, 1857, after death of their mother, Jane Tissue Silbaugh.
    Ancestor chart of Isaac Silbaugh from SM
    G.S. film, #558,772 Land records: Somerset Co., vol.28, p.447,
    Philip and Jane Silbaugh family from MS

    !CHRISTENING: (from Shirley Silbaugh, Strongsville, OH)
    SOME CHURCH RECORDS OF SOMERSET COUNTY, PA, by Della Fischer recompiled Nov, 1976. These records were photo-stated by Ellen Leaghty Ballas (Mrs. Robert J.), 2703 Grandview Ave., McKeesport, PA 15132 from a small book found in the Mary S. Beisecker Lib., Somerset Co., PA. Translated into English from the original German records. Does not state year or by whom.
    p. 67 #46 Slabauch, Conrad and Mary
    p. 140 #10 John Phillip: Born: no date: Bapt: 5-14-1789
    #47 Slaubbach, Conrad and May
    p. 140 #13 Sarah: Born: no date; Bapt: 5-14-1789
    Early Part Reformed Church, Salisbury, Somerset Co., PA
    Baptismals (1789-1793)
    [OPINION] Doubt this is our family, but am keeping this for our records

    !DOC: Taxpayer Fayette Co, PA, in 1810
    from Colleen McClain, 538 Otis Ave, St. Paul, MN, 55104
    651/641 0583
    Census records of Fayette Co, PA, Union Twp:1800, Philip Silbaugh is 26-45, woman 1-26, & 2 boys under 10, 1 girl 10-16, 1 girl under 10. (Philip is also on the 1810 census record) of Henry Clay Twp:
    note:1810 PA census, Philip Silbaugh, p.099, Fayette Co, Wharton twp Tax records, Wharton twp, Fayette Co, PA, Philip Silbaugh, farmer, taxed on 200-250 acres, 1816 (earliest record) - 1824
    1840 OH census, Philip Silbaugh, p. 41 Perry Co, Moe twp
    1850 Salt Lick twp
    note: OH Land Patents 1836 Philip, from Coshoctn Co OH, Rg 15 Twp 14 Sec 26 (next to Jn Mc) 1837 Isaac, Perry Co, Rg 15, Twp 14, Sec 35/36
    note: OH 1850 census, p477, fam 28, Hocking Co (adjoining/south of Perry Co), Washington twp: Sebastian Silbaugh, 23, b.PA, farmer, real estate=140; Nancy, 22, b. OH; Jonathan 2, & Edward 1 (p446, 3 other Silbaugh families)
    (from Nancy and Suzanne)
    1 CENSUS:1840-Monroe twp.,Perry Co.,OH
    2 CENSUS:1850-Town of Straitsville, Saltlick twp.,Perry Co.,OH p.314-13 Sep 1850
    3 CENSUS:1850-Ward twp.,Hocking twp.,OH Dist.195 p.891
    4 LAND RECORDS:Somerset Co.,PA V.28 p.447,448,449 Silbaugh heirs inheriting the mother Jane's estate from her father William. This lists Elizabeth Mooney as a daughter on 1 part of probate but not on any other part of it.
    5 LAND RECORD:grantor "S" Somerset Co.,PA #558307
    6 LAND RECORDS:Somerset Co.,PA V.30 pgs 81, 82 #558771
    7 MARRIAGES:Perry Co.,OH 1818-1914 V.1 p.318; V.2-3 p.155, 205, 216 #911382
    8 CENSUS:1860-Village of Viroqua, Bad Ax Co.,WI
    9 CENSUS:1860-Village of Webster, Bad Ax Co.,WI
    10 WILL:William Tissue 20 May 1819 Somerset Co.,PA
    11 BOOK:History of Bedford and Somerset Co.,PA p.534
    12 TOMBSTONE:Isaac Silbaugh in the Salem Ridge Cemetery, Vernon Co.,WI
    13 BOOK:History of Vernon CO.,WI pgs.702,703,705,711
    14 MARRIAGE:Vernon Co.,WI V.1 p.117-Town of Kickapoo
    15 CENSUS:1900-Vernon Co.,WI
    16 CFI 1981-Coshocton Co.,OH M514331-serial 2456
    17 CENSUS:1850-Salt Lick Twp.,Perry Co.,OH page 314 #197
    18 DEATHS:Vernon Co.,WI -William B. Silbaugh V.11 p.417 Mrs. William Silbaugh of Readstown is informant
    19 FAMILY BIBLE:James K. Layland/Mary Jane Hunziker 15 Apr 1985
    20 CEMETERY:Genoa Cemetery, Vernon Co.,WI
    21 LETTER:Connie Niemyjski-23 Jun 1985
    22 MORTUARY RECORD:Lewis Silbaugh
    23 DEATH:Edward Silbaugh V.8 p.223 (Catherine Acker)
    24 BOOK:"Memoirs of Vernon Co.,WI" p.487-488
    25 DEATH:Vernon Co.,WI V.7 p.111-Warren Silbaugh informant
    26 PROBATE RECORD:Sebastian Silbaugh who died in or about 1 Oct 1875-Webster, Vernon Co.,WI
    27 WILL:Sebastian Silbaugh #676 Vernon Co.,WI #1510452
    28 PROBATE RECORD:Nancy Silbaugh Vernon Co.,WI #1682 p.4 #1513856
    29 BOOK:"Our Ancestor's of Vernon Co.,WI";Res. Philip/Jane-Fayette Co. PA
    30 NEWSPAPER:Proof of will of Sebastian Silbaugh-CENSOR 3 Nov 1875 died 19 Oct 1875
    31 LETTER:Dorothy Riddle- Box 42 LaFarge, WI 54639-1985;lists Edward's bur. at Asbury Cem., rural Viroqua
    32 LETTER:ELizabeth Eastman in 1985 states "4 brothers came here to the Viroqua-they thought they were back in Hesse or Keshossen! by way of Ireland to U.S.A." "4 brothers came over in 1800- they are not on 1799 heads of families"
    33 MARRIAGE:Athens Co.,Ohio-V.3 p26 Edward/Catherine
    34 CEMETERY:Asbury Ridge Cemetery records by Nancy/Suzanne 6/96--used colored chalk to correctly copy/read Phillip's/Jane's tombstone.It is correct!! "Phillip Silbaugh d. 9 Nov 1864 in the 76th year of his life" "Jane Silbaugh d. 4 Nov 1856 in the 64th year of her life"
Sources  1. [S21824]   Descendants of Conrad and Mary Silbaugh, Luther Olson
2. [S21824]   Descendants of Conrad and Mary Silbaugh, Luther Olson
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